Covid-19 vaccine: will a third dose be needed?

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The oldest French people have sometimes been vaccinated against Covid-19 for five months. Will they have to call back?

Will there be a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine for full immunization? This is a question that the medical community shares. According to France Télévisions journalist and Dr. Damien Mascre, who were present at 20 o’clock on Wednesday 9 June “it’s not accurate“Scientific research proves that ten months after being infected with Covid-19, we still have effective antibodies, including against various variants.

The same goes for vaccinations. Antibodies are produced immediately after vaccination. Two doses given to increase the production of antibodies. LThe question is whether feedback is needed. “Probably not“- Damien Muskret answers at the moment, because we already have very good immunity in place. If the antibodies disappear over time, cellular immunity is likely to persist.


Nature Reviews Immunology


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