COVID-19: very uncomfortable, window masks are avoided by kindergarten teachers

So inconvenient that transparent window masks intended for kindergartens are no longer used by educators. Result: Stocks pile up and invade the coordination offices responsible for their distribution.

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In Quebec, the director of the coordination office claims she has over 12,000 surplus window masks. Despite her pleas for an end to the birth at the Family Ministry, she will receive the same amount this week.

“It’s very intrusive. We use the common areas of all employees to store all these boxes. This is becoming very problematic, ”says the director, who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

In the coordination office in Beauport, the corridor has been cut in half, and the office in Eastern Townships is buried under boxes.

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In the coordination office in Beauport, the corridor has been cut in half, and the office in Eastern Townships is buried under boxes.

“There is a chance we are still working remotely because I don’t know where to put the employees with all these boxes,” adds Lucy Therio, general manager of the CPE group in the eastern cities.

“We have no idea what we’re going to do with these masks,” she says.

Made in China

Since May, the coordinating offices that usually serve family day care centers have been acting as “reception points” for the delivery of masks designed for all types of day care centers on its territory.

The persons in charge of kindergartens must come there every month to collect the equipment.

However, Chinese-made Medsup masks are avoided by many teachers.

“The educators were tired and decided to end this struggle,” says Elisa Paradis, group director of Centers for Early Learning (CPE) in Quebec and Chaudière Appalachian.

Last April, Newspaper in addition, some of them reported that the masks were quickly dispersed, that they caused headaches, that it was difficult to breathe in them and, above all, for children to hear.

Мари-Клод Пулен, владелица семейного детского сада в Квебеке, сообщила <em> Journal </em> last April that the masks provided by the government are very hot, that they fog up quickly and are also “ uncomfortable. ”  …”/></p>
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Marie-Claude Poulin, owner of a family kindergarten in Quebec, told Newspaper Last April, government-supplied masks are very hot and fog up quickly, not to mention uncomfortable.

“We tell the kindergartens to come and pick them up, but we are told they don’t want them, that teachers don’t want to wear them anymore,” said the director of the coordination office in Quebec.

Returns to square one

Thus, it is clear that this is a return to the starting point, while a significant number of educators choose to return to wearing procedural masks (blue masks). Unfortunately, most of the “losers” from this “boycott” of window masks were children.

These masks were meant to allow them to see their teacher’s face and lips, thereby facilitating their development and language learning.

Ice tender

A third tender was also announced for the maintenance of kindergartens from August to December, which now favors products partially produced in Quebec.

According to our information, the Quebec-based company Prémont won.

However, the large remaining stocks of Chinese masks could jeopardize the nearly $ 2 million contract.

To the question Newspaper, Family Affairs spokesman Brian St. Louis was unable to indicate what would happen to these surplus window masks.

“Masks are expected to be used,” he insisted.

The ministry also confirmed that it will continue to deliver goods to coordination offices while public health requires the wearing of masks in kindergartens.

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