COVID-19: Visitor Vaccination Center in Northeast Calgary

The vaccination clinic will be open from 8 am to 10 pm on June 5 and 6 in the territory of the public and leisure center. Village square

Through this initiative, the province hopes to improve vaccination rates in this sector of the city, which is home to many immigrant communities.

I am delighted that the Government of Alberta and its community partners are committed to ensuring that people in Northeast Calgary who are badly affected [par la COVID-19]have better access to vaccines– said in a statement by the Minister of Public and Social Services Rajan Soni.

Barriers to vaccination

Only 52% of eligible people living in the northeastern part of the city received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Anila Lee Yuen, director of the Calgary Newcomer Center. The provincial average is over 63%.

Anila Li Yuen argues that the problem is not a reluctance to vaccinate, but language barriers and difficulties associated with the types of jobs that residents of these areas occupy.

The first hurdle, she said, is that many of them work in shifts, making it difficult to set up a long-term schedule and make appointments.

She adds that some residents do not speak English very well, making it difficult for them to navigate the healthcare system. Others do not have transportation or internet access.

Thus, the dispensary makes their life easier.– explains Anila Li Yuen.

His organization also offers people who want to get vaccinated a taxi ride to the vaccination clinic.

People can call our multilingual center to order a taxi for free., she said.

Calgary City of the Rockies, with more than half of its clients in northeast Calgary, also works to educate clients about the vaccination campaign on social media and contact them by phone.

Its director, Herve Steklebut, said many of his clients are unaware of the measures the province has taken to facilitate their access to vaccinations.

We give them information so that they can negotiate with their employers and be absent for 2 or 3 hours. [pour aller se faire vacciner], he said. This is a clientele that needs to be supported in all her procedures.

With information from Jeffrey Gay

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