Covid-19: Webex growth quadruples in Europe

Containment works well in videoconferencing applications. After Zoom or Microsoft Teams, it is the turn of the Cisco platform, Webex, to announce a record number of 324 million users in March. The American giant is thus proud to have quadrupled its user base on the Old Continent while European countries are currently affected by containment measures having exploded the number of people in telework.

“Webex has grown 2.5 times in America, 4 times in Europe and 3.5 times in Asia-Pacific,” said Sri Srinivasan, vice president and general manager of Cisco Collaboration, interviewed by Reuters. The latter justifies the explosion of the use of the platform by “the expansion of telework, distance education and telehealth”, all activities which are based in the current situation on videoconferencing applications for a large part .

While about 73 million sessions were held in March on the Cisco platform, it has hosted for two weeks more than 22 million weekly sessions, said the executive, who therefore believes that the current trend is still far from weakening.

Competition from Zoom

Still, Webex is far from the only video conferencing application to take advantage of this crisis. This is also the case for Hangouts Meet, in particular, but above all for Zoom, which today is a hit and whose price has increased fivefold since its IPO in April 2019.

“At the end of December last year, the maximum number of participants in the daily meetings, free and paid, conducted on Zoom was around 10 million. In March of this year, we reached more than 200 million participants in daily meetings, free and paid, “said Eric S. Yuan, the boss of the application, a few days ago.

If Zoom now acts as a real blockbuster for companies that have placed their employees in telework, it nevertheless suffers from recurring security and confidentiality problems that are far from trivial. As the company faces an investigation by the New York prosecutor into its data security and privacy practices today, its CEO said late last month a plan to strengthen its security capacities as well as the launch of a bug bounty program to chase pirates from the platform.



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