Covid-19: what health record for Sweden, one of those countries that refuse to wear a mask?


CORONAVIRUS – In the face of the pandemic, Sweden remains an exception. After refusing confinement, she now refuses to wear a mask, with less than 10% of the population to equip themselves. For what health assessment?

If the wearing of the mask has never ceased, in our regions, to provoke debate and controversy, there are countries where we asked ourselves far fewer questions. This is more particularly the case of the four northern neighbors of Europe, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, where the wearing of the mask was not recommended, despite the evolution of the pandemic of Covid-19 and the decisions made by the majority of the nations of the world. TF1 went to Sweden to take the measure of such a choice.

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Concretely, by way of comparison, while 78% of French people wore the mask in June 2020, this was the case for less than 10% of Swedes. The images shot on July 28 in the streets of Stockholm, visible in the video above, show that the trend has not changed: we walk very largely with our faces uncovered. The country’s political leaders have focused their health care system on distance and teleworking. And they stick to it.

The mask can be a tool, if we don’t prevent people from piling up. So far, we haven’t had to come to that in Sweden.– Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist in Sweden

“International organizations say that the mask can be a tool, if you don’t prevent people from piling up. So far, we haven’t had to come to this in Sweden.”, explains Anders Tegnell, epidemiologist and orchestrator of Swedish state strategy. In the same vein, the country has not been confined either. And opinion studies indicate that the population overwhelmingly subscribes to these government decisions.

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The question of the health assessment therefore arises. Well, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University, in Sweden, for one million inhabitants, there are to date 560 deaths attributed to Covid-19 … against 450 in France, which places the country at 7th in the world in terms of mortality (fifth if we exclude the micro-states of San Marino and Andorra). The Nordic country’s strategy is therefore struggling to convince … It should be noted that, for its part, Denmark finally stood out, Friday July 31, from its neighbors by recommending, faced with the resumption of epidemic, wearing a mask on public transport.

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