Covid-19: what to do with the doses of AstraZeneca vaccine that the French are avoiding?

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The French are increasingly avoiding the AstraZeneca vaccine. Vials of this Covid-19 vaccine are no longer found in consumers. Is there a danger that they will become obsolete in the short term?

There are nine bottles of AstraZeneca vaccine in the refrigerator of the Parisian pharmacy, which should be used as soon as possible. “The vials expire in July 2021. At the moment we have no more candidates for the AstraZeneca vaccination. People are afraid of the vaccine. “, regrets Florence Savoyo, pharmacist. To keep them from throwing them away, pharmacists rely on reviews. This pharmacy started taking the second dose last month.

The number of first AstraZeneca vaccinations is plummeting throughout France. A total of 181,063 injections were performed at the peak, March 12, versus 1,055 on Monday, June 7. On the contrary, the number of second doses is growing: 68 doses were administered on March 12 versus 31,177 on June 7. So, will we have too many doses of AstraZeneca? About eight million injections will be made against the planned supply, which will reach 14.9 million by the end of June. The Ministry of Health plans to start vaccination against Covid-19 without an appointment in the evening for people over 55 years old. He also relaxed the rules for pharmacists who are no longer required to vaccinate groups of ten or twelve. France has also planned donations through the Covax mechanism, especially to Africa.

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