Covid-19: WHO issues emergency authorization to use Chinese vaccine Sinovac

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On Tuesday, WHO gave emergency clearance for the supply of Sinovac, a Chinese vaccine against Covid-19. She recommends it to people 18 and older.

A second Chinese vaccine is approved. The World Health Organization (WHO) named Tuesday 1eh In June, the UN agency announced its emergency approval of a Chinese vaccine against Covid Sinovac. She recommends it to people 18 and older.

This vaccine, which requires two doses two to four weeks apart, is the second vaccine developed by China to receive green light from WHO, making it possible to integrate it into the international Covax system to spread anti-Covid, especially in disadvantaged countries.

“The world desperately needs many Covid-19 vaccines to tackle the huge inequality around the world,” said Dr Mariangela Simao, WHO Assistant Director-General for Access to Medicines and Health Products.

On May 7, WHO has already approved the Sinopharm vaccine produced in Beijing.

A vaccine that’s easy to store

Sinovac’s effectiveness is 57% to prevent symptomatic cases of Covid-19, but 100% to prevent the most serious cases and hospitalizations among the populations studied, according to the WHO. Effectiveness for persons over 60 years of age cannot be assessed.

This inactivated vaccine is “easy to store, which makes it easier to administer and is especially suitable for countries with limited resources,” the agency said.

The organization has also already given the green light to Moderna vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, AstraZeneca vaccines produced in India and South Korea (WHO has two approvals even if the product is identical, editor’s note) and Johnson’s vaccine. & Johnson’s name was Janssen.

This procedure helps countries that do not have the means to independently determine the effectiveness and safety of a drug to gain faster access to therapy. And it will allow the Covax system, created by WHO with partners (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, Gavi and the Coalition for Innovation in Epidemic Preparedness), to distribute vaccines, in particular in disadvantaged countries, so that additional vaccines can be turned on.

According to AFP, Sinovac is already in use in 22 countries and territories. Besides China, it is present in Tunisia, Chile, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey.

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