COVID-19. Will there be a vaccine for everyone?

The Ministry of Health is trying to repeat: yes, in France there are enough doses to vaccinate everyone. On Tuesday July 20, the latest figures were released during an online press briefing on the vaccination campaign. Following Emmanuel Macron’s July 12 statement that extended the health passport, there were 4 million visits for the first injection. On July 18, 68% of adults were vaccinated for the first time.

Faced with such a rush to vaccines, the government wants to reassure: “No tension, 9 million doses in stock, 14 million will be delivered next month,” one points to the Ministry of Health. Of the 300 million doses available to Europe, 44 million are reserved for France. Jérôme Martin, co-founder of the Observatory on Drug Policy Transparency (OT-Med), stifles government enthusiasm: “According to the data regarding Covid, we see no new orders. The opacity of the entire vaccine chain is so great that it is impossible to know the obligations of manufacturers, their restrictions and sanctions if they do not fulfill their obligations. “

Great recommendations

First of all, in recent days, the number of testimonies of mayors has increased: they received recommendations from the regional health agency (ARS) to limit the number of visits. In the Manche, the vaccination takes an average of 29.8 days, in Finistere – 28.9 days. An internal note from the ARS Bourgogne-Franche-Comté called for the closure of all prescriptions for the first dose of Doctolib in Doubs. “For this and the following weeks”

Routing problem? Accidental dysfunction due to a lack of human resources or a vaccine? However, the inability to make an appointment for vaccination is greatly impaired, while freedom of movement is limited without a medical passport, and medical personnel are required to be vaccinated.

This week “about 1 million doses by AstraZeneca“To be delivered” will be marked 100% Kovax

The government also confirmed on July 20 of the same year that any new AstraZeneca shipments to France under the lab’s contract would now be earmarked for donations to developing countries. This week, “Approximately 1 Million Doses of AstraZeneca” will be delivered “100% stated on Covax”, specifies the Ministry of Economy. Ditto for the 4.5 million doses expected in August. This is the number of doses to be subtracted from the 44 million that France should have, while the 16 million eligible French people have yet to be immunized to vaccinate, it will take 48 to reach a vaccination rate of 80% of the adult population. Jérôme Martin denounces the obscenity of a government that “Refuses to give poor countries, especially Africa, the means to mass produce and import the vaccines they need.” and this “Get rid of a vaccine that doesn’t care as if Africa were the rubbish of France.”

What is the significance of the third injection?

Another statement of recent days: revaccination in September. The third dose to be administered to people at risk, without further details. And without specifying whether additional orders will be planned. However, to date, there is no press release from an expert committee, independent recommendation or drug agency regarding the appropriateness of the third dose. “A president who is completely out of his role, bypassing pharmaceutical agencies, is in the process of creating a future policy for purchasing reserve doses while he is denying poor countries their first or second dose,” storm Jerome Martin.

Today and until Friday, the World Trade Organization will have to discuss removing intellectual property barriers to vaccine projects. “We know that Europe will resist this, – concludes the head of OT-Med. He condemns people to death. It is designed to spread a virus with a vaccine-resistant variant that will one day return to us. And that will force us to start over. ”

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