COVID-19 worker is dead | Medical workers honored the memory of Victoria Salvan

In April 2020, Victoria Salvan died. Around fifty staff members commemorated her Wednesday morning at Grace Dart, where a nurse who died after contracting COVID-19 sacrificed herself for her patients.

Maissa Fera
Maissa Fera
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Colleagues and union representatives gathered on the grass to commemorate International Day of Remembrance for Workers Killed or Injured at Work. They observed a minute of silence in memory of Victoria Salvan, a caring woman who left too early.

The deceased immigrated from the Philippines in the 1980s. She had two children and has worked as a healthcare professional for over 25 years.

“I want people to remember his work,” admitted his son. Click on shortly after his death last year.

“She was very devoted. She worked overtime to the end due to a lack of staff. It was a commitment for her to continue, ”he said.

“It was our mother. She always had a kind word or lunch to share, ”says Fawzi Beraisa. He was with her for 10 years. A few days after the death of a colleague, he is hospitalized due to COVID-19. “I said to myself: I’ll go after her,” the attendant sighs.

She worked for her children and dreamed of a peaceful retirement when their university studies were paid, Mr. Beraisa recalls. “She was so close to her goal. Victoria was attached to her. We will always remember his sacrifice. ”

“We don’t remember her just today. We just never forgot about it, ”thundered his then manager Rashid Benmohand. Victoria Salvan’s sudden death shocked staff.

Mr. Benmohand recalls the day after his death, a dark day. Get back in the mood. This was the first time a healthcare professional has died of COVID-19. We were all scared, some were wondering who would be next. ”

Shortly after the sad news, a “crisis unit” was created. “We opened a consultation center that worked all day. The psychologist and psychiatrist dealt with the problems of the employees. Morale was very low, ”the manager describes.

Samuel LeBlanc, a young maintenance clerk, feels happy to be always on his feet, polishing and cleaning. He recalls that even if the crisis eases, it contributes to the continuation of the struggle. Catapulted into CHSLD Grace Dart shortly after “Salvan, this sad event affected him,” he said sadly. “I arrived too late to get to know her. But when I found out who she was, it turned me upside down. I was wondering how many people we would lose, I was really aware of the crisis. ”

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