Covid: annual revaccination of the vaccine needed for the most vulnerable populations, according to WHO.

Francesco Guarasio

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The World Health Organization expects those most vulnerable to COVID-19, such as the elderly, will need an annual revaccination to protect themselves from varieties of coronavirus, a preliminary document shows. that Reuters was able to consult.

The projection is included in a report due to be discussed this Thursday at a meeting of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, which is leading the COVAX program with WHO to provide COVID vaccines to the poorest countries.

It is possible that WHO is revising this forecast, and two other, less likely, scenarios also appear in the document dated June 8 and are considered “unfinished”.

Moderna and Pfizer Laboratories, which have developed vaccines against COVID-19, indicated that they believe it will need to be boosted globally to maintain high levels of immunity to the disease. Pandemic, although there is scientific evidence there is no definitive answer to this question yet.

According to the document, WHO considers the assumption of an annual revaccination of the vaccine for high-risk individuals as its “indicative” baseline scenario, while it assumes that the revaccination should be carried out every two years for the rest of the population.

The report does not elaborate on how WHO reached these conclusions, but indicates that, under the baseline scenario, new variants of the coronavirus will continue to emerge and vaccines will be regularly updated to respond to these threats.

WHO declined a request for comment on the content of this internal document. The Gavi alliance could not be joined immediately.

(Report by Francesco Guarasio; French version by Jean Terzian, edited by Sophie Louet)

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