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On Thursday, China imprisoned more than 20 million people in Chengdu, the country’s southwest metropolis, as the Asian giant faces a limited recovery from the epidemic.

The country continues to follow a strict health strategy despite the fact that pollution levels are much lower than in the rest of the world.

This policy leads to multiple confinement as soon as positive cases appear, almost mandatory PCR tests every 72, 48, or even 24 hours, quarantines, and unexpected closures of factories and businesses.

Chengdu, one of China’s largest cities, reported 157 new positive cases of Covid on Thursday. To stop the infection, the authorities ordered to test about 20 million residents.

Everyone will be required to “stay at home” from 18:00 Thursday (10:00 GMT), the mayor’s office added, without specifying the length of the measure.

Each household will be able to send one person daily for groceries and essentials, subject to the presentation of a PCR test no older than 24 hours.

China has been dealing with an outbreak in recent weeks that is limited in number of cases but is currently affecting most of the country’s provinces.

In at least a dozen cities and districts, the start of the school year has been postponed or is taking place online, according to the official press.

This is especially true of Xining, a city of 2.5 million people and the capital of Qinghai, a sprawling province that prominently borders Tibet (to the west).

Covid-19 test on September 1, 2022 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, Southwest China (CNS/AFP – -)

In Shenzhen (south), a major metropolitan area bordering Hong Kong, authorities announced on Thursday evening new restrictions on the Nanshan area, the headquarters of many local tech giants such as Tencent (video games, internet) and ZTE. (telecommunications).

Entertainment venues such as bars, cinemas and karaoke venues have been closed, the district authorities said in a statement.

Residents of Nanshan must also present a PCR test no older than 24 hours to enter their residential complexes.

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