Covid: Commission of Inquiry on Crisis Management

The two years of the Covid crisis have had a big impact on the entire Polynesian society. Thus, the representatives of the group “And here ia Porinetia” in the assembly 8 months ago asked for the creation of a commission of inquiry to shed light on the leadership of the government: “This commission is finally opening because we insisted in accordance with the rules of procedure of the Assembly, which say, that we should be able to talk about it. (…) In July, the Minister of Health, Jacques Reynal, declared during a meeting of the Assembly that he was for transparency. And the And Here in Porinetia group had to insist that this commission be opened and offered to the members of the assembly,” points out Felix Tokoragi, a representative of the And Here in Porinetia group.

For the representative of the opposition, this commission of inquiry should also highlight the differences in treatment between Tahiti and the most remote archipelagos: “We come from the islands. And there are deaths on the islands, there are shortcomings in terms of hospital infrastructure, in the Marquesas, in the Tuamotu… So we want to try to avoid this clarification in the coming months, the coming years, to reproduce previous mistakes.” .

For most, this request is legitimate because Polynesia, like the rest of the world, is not immune from a new pandemic: “We all agree. Taote Raynal, like many of us, has been trying to explore the Covid crisis for years to come so as not to face the same concerns,” says John Toromona, President of the Health, Solidarity, Work and Employment Commission.

As for the future chairman of this commission of inquiry, the majority was unequivocal: “The proposal made by Ahere ia Porinetia is to immediately appoint President Felix Tokoragi. And we voted against because we wanted the 13 members of this commission to decide on the president and vice president.”

Therefore, we will have to wait until December 8 to find out the composition of this future commission of inquiry.

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