Covid: fourth dose open to all caregivers without obligation – Sciences et Avenir

On Tuesday, a second Covid-19 vaccination reminder was extended to all caregivers, firefighters, housekeepers and other health and medical social workers, according to the Ministry of Health.

“All healthcare workers, regardless of their age or health status,” can now get their fourth dose of the Covid vaccine, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) says in a “DGS-Urgent” message to all caregivers.

This decision also applies to “health and medico-social workers, domestic helpers working with vulnerable people, medical transport workers, and firefighters,” without age criteria, health status, or “mode of exercise.”

Possibly “six months after the first reminder” or three months after a possible infection that occurred during that time, “this second reminder is open to willing professionals” and “is not subject to the obligation to vaccinate,” the SRS clarifies, while a third dose is required from January 30 for these same transactions.

On Friday, the government also maintained its refusal to reinstate staff suspended for failing to meet this commitment, following several unfavorable views from health authorities.

On the other hand, he has extended the fourth-dose vaccination campaign several times: originally meant for those over 60 and immunocompromised, it has also been open to all adults “at risk of severe Covid” since last week. pregnant women and all those who “live in the entourage” of these different audiences.

Or 17 million “eligible” people, not counting caregivers, for just over 4.8 million injections, the ministry calculated, stopped on Sunday.

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