Covid: health protocol level to be determined ten days before the start of the school year – Sciences et Avenir

The level of the new medical protocol applicable to schools at the beginning of the school year will be determined “ten days before the start of the school year for all or part of the territory”, depending on the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic. This was announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Education of the National Education Pap Ndiaye.

“This medical protocol learns from the difficulties of the past year,” he assured MPs during questions to the government, highlighting the establishment of a “ten-day implementation period” throughout the year to allow education teams to adapt to different scenarios. .

The school year begins on September 1st and covers about 12 million students, from kindergarten to high school.

This new protocol, formalized on July 19, “simplifies the rules through a base of general recommendations and three levels of specific measures,” the minister explained.

The three levels, categorized in green, orange and red, will apply nationally or locally throughout the school year. They aim to offer, depending on the spread of the virus, progressive measures to keep children and educational staff safe while keeping “schools open”.

Under this new protocol, students can only be admitted in person, unless the red level is activated, which is provided for in case of a very deteriorating state of health. In the latter case, a “hybridization” system could be introduced, but only “in the upper grades, when the configuration of the institution requires it,” the ministry specified on its website at the end of July.

In addition, the remaining applicable measures, in particular those relating to the wearing of a mask and the management of contact cases, will now be carried out “in accordance with (…) the health measures adopted for the general population,” he recalled on Tuesday. Pap Ndiaye. “There will be no more specific measures for the school environment,” he insisted.

“This protocol has been the subject of extensive consultations with representative staff organizations, associations of elected officials, and student parent federations,” Pap Ndiaye elaborated, assuring that it was “welcomed” by “all (representative) partners.”

The waltz of health protocols at school, and especially in the winter of 2021/2022, put in place due to the Covid-19 epidemic, has infuriated teachers and parents of students, often struggling to follow the rules.

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