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Despite a growing body of research on the subject, long-term Covid is still difficult to diagnose. It can cause a large number of very diverse symptoms (more than fifty), the intensity of which varies over time. And while a large number of patients hospitalized with covid develop these symptoms (up to 50%, according to a recent Chinese study), patients who have never had covid also appear to develop them (admittedly to a lesser degree). ). as shown by this American preprint. So symptoms alone are not enough to identify a case of prolonged Covid. This is problematic, especially for identifying study participants for this disease, which is necessary to find effective treatments. In an article published in The Lancet Digital Health, researchers from the University of Colorado (USA) propose a new tool to facilitate this long-term detection of Covid patients – an artificial intelligence that analyzes all the medical data of patients before and after coronavirus infection and who manages to detect long-term cases of Covid with a high probability of success.

Big data chasing long Covid

The researchers trained their AI model on demographic and clinical data from 597 patients seen at three long-term Covid clinics in the US. Their model learned to identify these long Covid patients by comparing medical records before and after they had Covid-19. In this way, he determined whether these data had changed after infection: new drugs, more frequent visits to the doctor, new symptoms, etc. As a control, the model used data from almost 100,000 patients with covid from the cities where these long covid were located. -clinics, of which 19,000 were hospitalized with COVID-19 and 78,000 were not hospitalized.

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