Covid: New Caledonia in shock after the announcement of 16 deaths in 24 hours – Sciences et Avenir

New Caledonia, faced for the first time with Covid-19, recorded 16 deaths in 24 hours, local authorities announced on Wednesday, the highest number since the start of the epidemic in early September.

This French territory in the South Pacific “is going through a crisis never seen in its history,” warned Gilbert Tyuienon, one of the spokesmen for the local government.

A total of 49 people have died from Covid-19 since the discovery of the first indigenous cases on September 6. Sixteen died Tuesday, double the number of victims recorded the day before.

Fifty-two people are in intensive care and 323 are hospitalized in a Covid unit while the epidemic peak has not been reached, indicates the direction of Health Affairs.

According to the local hospital, the country is entering the hardest phase of the epidemic and could last a long time despite measures taken to break chains of transmission such as containment and a curfew in force until October 4.

In fact, Caledonians suffer from many comorbid factors: 67% of adults are obese and the number of diabetics is estimated at 10%.

These health problems mainly affect the population of Oceania, which also shows the greatest distrust towards vaccination.

In a press conference broadcast live on radio and television channels, Vaim’ua Muliava, a member of the government of Wallisian origin, asked his community to get vaccinated as soon as possible: “The time is serious (…). in the political word, believe in the word of the doctor who treats you every day ”, launched Mr. Muliava.

During this same press conference, Gilbert Tyuienon asked the Caledonians to become “anti-virus fighters” in this “unprecedented health war”: “the curfew, we have not known about it since the events (1984-1988), so many deaths, in so few days, we have never known, the Caledonians were stranded outside, except during the Second World War, either “, stressed the government spokesman.

Flights to New Caledonia have been suspended since March 20, 2020, except for compelling reasons. In addition, 70 members of the health reserve arrived from mainland France on Tuesday to assist medical teams.

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