COVID Outbreak Slows Agropur Beauceville Plant Growth

The COVID-19 outbreak is reducing the production capacity of the Agropur plant in Bosville. An additional challenge for the Chaudière-Appalaches breeders, who are already suffering from the consequences of labor disputes that have paralyzed the Olympus massacre in Valle Jonczia and Exceldore in Saint-Anselme.

At the moment, eighteen workers have been diagnosed with a positive disease.

Everyone is doing well under the circumstances., Agropur provides, but others can be added to the patient list.

Five workers tested positive on Tuesday– explains Diane Jubinville, director of public relations for Agropur. As a precautionary measure, we asked to set up a screening clinic on site. After confirming 13 more cases, we asked to return to the screening clinic on Monday.

The Bosville plant employs about 200 workers, and 10% of them recover slows down.

Some positions require deep knowledge– recalls Diane Jubinville. As a precautionary measure, Agropur decided to temporarily suspend certain production lines indefinitely.

The company believes that the implications for suppliers and customers are as follows: very limited currently.

The Chaudière-Appalaches Health Service has visited the Beauceville facilities and has given the green light to continue activities.

On Friday, the regional office of CISSS reported an outbreak at 23 workplaces.

Agropur ensures that everything is done to ensure the safety of its employees.

Agropur management intends to request the deployment of a mobile vaccination clinic in the near future.

Diane Jubinville recalls that this is the first outbreak of this order at the Bosville plant since the beginning of the pandemic.

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