Covid: sport and indoor coffee, D-Day for the second wave of reopening

Resuming indoor sport or swimming in the indoor pool, enjoying your coffee indoors in case of rain or going bowling … all this becomes possible again on Wednesday, after seven months of deprivation due to the Covid-19 epidemic .

Three weeks after the reopening of terraces, cinemas and museums and specialized shops with reduced gauges, it is the second stage of deconfinement, with the added bonus of a curfew which passes at 11:00 p.m. instead of 9:00 p.m. In particular, this will allow spectators to enjoy the nightly matches of the Roland Garros tournament.

From Wednesday, cafes and restaurants can once again welcome the public indoors, at 50% of their capacity, which will allow many small establishments without a terrace or of an insufficient size to be profitable, to reopen.

They must keep, like sports halls, a reminder book to recontact customers in the event of contamination.

At the same time, the terraces of cafes, restaurants and hotels can reopen completely with the only limit being tables of up to six people.

The revival of the hotel and catering sector will have a significant impact on the country’s economy, with more than a million jobs at stake. Even if the foreign clientele is still lacking.

Unlike nightclubs, the situation of which will be reviewed on June 21, theme parks, casinos and thalassotherapy centers are also among the lucky ones chosen for the second phase, with strict health protocols.

In the office, teleworking is relaxed, as are the rules in canteens and for drinking with colleagues.

– Festivals in a seated configuration –

The gauge of cinemas, museums, theaters rises to 65% of the initial capacity, almost double what has been authorized since May 19 (35%) with a maximum of 5,000 people. Same attendance limits and gauge for festivals authorized only in a seated and open-air configuration.

This will be the case for the Fête de la musique on June 21, but without the impromptu performances at the corner of the street, the mini-concerts in bars or restaurants, and gatherings of more than 10 people, prohibited.

Trade shows and fairs can resume within the limit of 5,000 visitors and with a health pass (negative tests or vaccination) above 1,000 entries.

Sports centers and gymnasiums, just like bowling alleys and game rooms, are now subject to a 50% gauge, dance classes for adults can restart with a limit of 35% of the capacity but boxing, like all sports contact, remains passable only outside.

We will have to wait until June 30 for the end of the curfew, the gauges in bars, restaurants and cultural spaces, and restrictions on outdoor gatherings even if the festivals will keep a gauge of 4 m2 per festival-goer and the sanitary pass at- more than 1,000 people welcomed.

Provided that the health situation continues to improve, warned Tuesday, President Emmanuel Macron, who called on the French to remain “cautious” and to be vaccinated with all their hands, taking their pilgrim’s stick if necessary to convince family, friends or acquaintances.

Because the government firmly believes in the virtues of this campaign which should reach its goal of 30 million first-time vaccines by June 15, or 57% of the adult population having received at least a first dose.

Despite the appearance of an outbreak of the Delta variant in the Landes, it does seem to be bearing fruit in containing an epidemic which has killed a total of 110,166 as of Tuesday.

The number of hospitalizations fell to less than 14,000 Covid-19 patients treated in hospital against more than double in mid-April, just like new daily contaminations returned to just over 6,500 on average, almost six times less than the previous peak of April 1.

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