Covid’Art: Sharing Art with Local Communities

Created at the beginning of the pandemic, the Covid’Art project has grown more and more in recent months. The collective now wants to take a step forward to become a recognized organization and is looking for sponsors to promote art in the community.

Born on the initiative of three artists Nicole Bouchard, Kim Pov Yip and Ivonka Balcerowska, the project took shape during 2020. He promotes artists from Montreal by introducing visual arts to local communities.

Among other things, it brings together artists who this summer will exhibit their work on their porches and windows. They will share their location with the public through Covid’Art’s social media pages. Every Tuesday and Saturday from June 26 to September 4, the population will be able to come to the site and admire their performances.

Saint-Leonard resident Nicole shared the idea at the start of the pandemic with her friends and co-workers Kim and Ivonca, residents of Montreal North and Anjou, respectively.

If the idea was primarily to promote art in the communities of these three sectors, then the project quickly attracted the interest of artists from all over Quebec.

“We wanted to bring together artists from Saint-Leonard and the surrounding area, but it became so popular that it spread throughout the province. We now have artists from Malbaie, Trois-Rivieres, Mont-Tremblant, Baie Saint-Paul and the rest of Quebec, ”says Nicole.

Unity is strength

The three artists met at exhibitions and discoveries held in the gallery of the Leonardo da Vinci Center. The latter also collaborated with them to create the project. Opening day will take place in their premises in autumn.

“The center helped us print our posters and bring our list of artists to the public. Since last year’s opening was postponed, this fall will be a merger of works by artists that will be on display over the course of two summer months.

“Thanks to the project, my neighbors and residents of the area learned that I am an artist, they were interested in seeing my works and my future exhibitions. All other artists had the same reaction, and some even managed to sell several works. Receiving so many positive reviews gave us a lot of strength, and it gave us the desire to continue, ”- Nicole Bouchard, co-founder of the Covid’Art project.

Summer activities start

The Saint-Leonard Library will also host an exhibition that will open this year’s summer season.

It will start on Wednesday 23 June and will bring together a dozen artists who participated in Operation Fenêtres et perrons.

You can admire the works until Sunday 18 July in the exhibition hall. Their creators mainly come from Saint-Leonard and other districts of Montreal, but some of the artists are from different regions of Quebec.

“We are happy with what we achieved last year. We now want to continue to gain recognition from the Saint-Leonard district. This would allow us to receive grants and grow as an organization to bring artists and local communities closer together. ”

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