Covishield vaccine: details on the problems of the European Union

The European Union (EU) is breaking silence after controversy over the Covishield vaccine obtained in Madagascar through the Covax mechanism, but which is not one of the vaccines recognized by Member States, according to a recent French press release. Embassy. To hear the statement of the EU Delegation in Madagascar from yesterday, it will not be involved in this decision, which falls under the jurisdiction of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the independent body responsible for evaluating pharmaceutical products.

“Its assessments serve as the basis for the European Commission to issue marketing authorizations in all member states of the European Union,” the EU Delegation to Madagascar said in a press release.
The EU is also not questioning the effectiveness of the Covishield vaccine, which it says was independently selected by Covax participants such as the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, this choice is the result of the procedures required by this health authority around the world. Thus, this would be sufficient to demonstrate that Covishield meets the stringent safety, efficacy and quality criteria required for a drug or vaccine. According to the press release, this could have been the reason for the WHO’s decision on pre-authorization in February 2021.
Even without mentioning Covishield, the EU Delegation in Madagascar seems to be encouraging the use of this vaccine. This vaccination is also made possible by the Covax mechanism, which aims to ensure fair and equitable access to vaccines for all participating countries. “The European Union believes that in a rapidly evolving pandemic, none of us will be safe until we are all vaccinated. In order to effectively combat the pandemic, it is important that all people have the opportunity to be vaccinated. ”

Information requests

This explanation, presented by the EU Delegation in Madagascar, came a few days after the government, through the Ministry of Health, requested an explanation from the authorities involved in the Covax mechanism. Some politicians and civil society organizations have also already asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convene these same bodies and bodies. This is the case with the National Election Observation Committee (KMF / Cnoe), which asked for an explanation in a statement on Friday. What is being done now, taking into account the EU declaration.

Tsilavin Randriamanga

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