Create your first video game with Coding Park! – Junior computer scientist –

This article was produced in collaboration with Startup for Kids for Geek Junior Magazine #7 (December 2020)

Coding Park, what is it?

The first game available on the platform is Golden Quest, a treasure hunt in the universe of robots and pirates! The goal is to lead Cody, the pirate robot, to the treasure. To animate a robot, it must be programmed in pseudocode using a text editor. Children can play right at home or participate in face-to-face or remote master classes via videoconference.

Why did you create Coding Park?

The Coding Park platform is based on R&D started in 2015. At the time, Amin Laimi and Xabier Martinez, two PhDs in Computer Science, were having fun creating a gaming platform to make it easier for young people to learn how to code. The idea was not new, but they were especially worried about the scientific and technical problem. Coming from the world of industry, where they have been working for a long time to implement modeling languages ​​to hide the complexity of computer code, they have taken the same approach in education to create an interactive pseudo code editor that they have integrated with a video game engine.

The very positive user feedback made them believe in the potential of their innovation and create a startup in 2018.

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