Creation of a new AAA video game studio in Quebec

The Nesting Games team has fifteen veteran developers with more than 300 years of experience in the video game industry. (Courtesy photo)

A AAA video game studio has just been created in Quebec with the mandate to develop RPGs (role-playing games).

This new studio called Nesting Games has benefited from the financial support of the Italian company Digital Bros.

“We want to re-create role-playing games focused on immersion, great characters, rich storytelling and strong gameplay,” said Nesting Games Creative Director (CCO) Jordane Thiboust in a press release.

The Nesting Games team includes several veteran developers, accumulating more than 300 years of experience in the video game industry and having worked on hits such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Borderlands, Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell and Batman, the release mentions. . In total, the company has 25 employees.

Aware of the scandals that have plagued other players in the video game industry, Nesting Games wishes to “place inclusion at the center of its values, whether through greater diversity within its team, its games and its options for accessibility. The company also allows anyone to work remotely.


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