Creative Cloud goes collaborative, Illustrator for iPad: all announcements of Adobe Max 2020

The annual overhaul of Adobe’s Creative Cloud franchise aims to improve collaboration between creative professionals in multiscreen mode, and accelerate learning and creativity with the Sensei AI platform. The Adobe Max 2020 conference was completely virtual and included over 350 sessions. The list of product updates is also very long.

Adobe’s Max 2020 conference is fully in line with the remote working trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mala Sharma, vice president and general manager of Creative Cloud, cited a series of statistics from the State of Creativity 2020 report, in which 82% of creatives say processes have changed forever and 83% say they are. more important than ever to expand skills. The crisis has also sparked a spark of creativity. “Collaboration is essential in a remote environment and creative professionals demand personalized content more than ever.” In other words, creative professionals expect more personalized community learning, content, collaboration features, and advice.

Creative Cloud therefore offers collaboration functions so that public links can be shared with Photoshop, Fresco, and Illustrator documents to allow comments. The version history will be available, as well as the possibility of integrating documents in cloud mode in the applications. Stakeholders will also be able to tag text in InDesign documents.

Marketplace tab

Creative Cloud desktop app has a marketplace tab and a host of features to streamline workflows between apps. Apps, creative assets, libraries, and cloud documents will all be hosted in one place. Category pages will also include more details and help options.

IT admins will also be able to distribute plugins and integrations through an enhanced admin console. Here is the short version of the Adobe Max deliverables and goals:

Key announcements include.

Illustrator on iPad

Illustrator is coming to Apple’s iPad, which is becoming the go-to device for creative professionals. Illustrator on the iPad has the same design capabilities as the desktop version, plus new experiences for the iPad and the Apple Pen. Features such as radial, grid and mirror are redesigned for the iPad.

Adobe includes over 18,000 fonts and OpenType Color and Variable Fonts. The app also promises to integrate Sensei (its AI tool), more brushes and effects in the future.

Photoshop: improvements with AI

A new version of Photoshop for the desktop and the iPad. The latest version includes five AI features, including Neural Filters, Sky Replacement, a new Discover panel, and two new Refine Edge selections.

Among these novelties, the neural filters allow to obtain a new set of filters which are still in beta version but which allow to review the way in which images are handled in Photoshop. Sky replacement feature separates the sky from the foreground to create images with dynamic skies.


Adobe’s Sky Replacement feature in the latest version of Photoshop.

The Discover Panel also offers a series of new tools, tips and recommendations based on your work.

Fresco for iPhone

Adobe Fresco 2.0 is now available for the iPhone. Fresco already supports iPads and PCs, but the iPhone will support the same documents and a streamlined app for smaller screens. Other features of Fresco include adjusting the stylus response to pressure changes and a greater number of controls.

Adobe XD: 3D transformations, extensions of Visual Studio

The Adobe XD update will include a feature called 3D Transform that allows you to move and rotate objects to provide depth and perspective. This feature will also be useful for augmented reality experiences.

Additionally, Creative Cloud Libraries are added to XD so that assets can be shared between Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. An extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code will allow developers to work with design systems without leaving their editing application. Adobe said the workflow between designers and developers requires less friction.

Aero beta app for iOS

Adobe Aero receives a new mobile app and a free beta app for iOS users to do augmented reality, including the ability to embed animations, and develop complex scenes.

Multiple improvements for Lighroom

Lightroom is now equipped with Color Grading on all platforms. Color Grading replaces Split Toning and looks like the traditional color wheel.

Color Grading allows you to add a third color tone to midtones and more experimentation with the colors in your images. Lightroom will also be equipped with graphical watermarks, to keep up with their favorite photographers, as well as new learning tools and tutorials.

InDesign: online copy review

InDesign’s 2020 release emphasizes efficiency and creative workflows to share designs, manage feedback, and collaborate better. The main collaboration function is “Share for Review”, which allows more iterations.

Updates to Adobe’s video editing portfolio

The company said updates to After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Premiere Rush made it easier to navigate apps, add graphical overlays and audio content, as well as pan, zoom and automatic cropping. Sensei features include converting speech to text in Premiere Pro.

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