Creative Pebble Pro 2.0 speakers

Creative has released a new pair of speakers in its range this week in the form of the Pebble Pro 2.0. Building on the company’s previous design, the second generation speakers now feature Bluetooth 5.3 and customizable RGB lighting. The spherical speakers can be connected to your devices via USB cable or wirelessly depending on your needs and have three lighting effects.

Together with two of Creative’s patented audio technologies in the form of BassFlex, it delivers extended lowfrequency response and deeper bass at all volume levels without the need for a subwoofer. Aside from Clear Dialog, designed to enhance vocals to sound more natural and easy to understand, “this is especially useful when watching movies on a PC,” says Creative.

Creative Pebble Pro 2

“Given its tiny size, the Pebble Pro’s acoustic output is capable of reaching a staggering 30W RMS and 60W peak when connected to a 30W PD adapter, unleashing the full potential of its audio expertise.”

Speakers Pebble Pro 2.0

“Creative Pebble Pro PC speakers now offer RGB lighting, deeper bass, improved Clear Dialog and vastly improved premium sound quality. From USBC audio, Bluetooth 5.3 and AUX input to headset and microphone ports, the choice of connectivity options will be spoiled.


  • Wide range of connectivity options including Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology, 3.5mm AUX port, USBC port for audio streaming and power.
  • Headphone and microphone ports make the Pebble Pro a handy communication tool or for listening to music late at night.
  • Seriesbranded 45degree tilt angle for optimal sound projection into users’ ears
  • Long wire (1.8 m / 5.9 ft) connecting both speakers; offers more flexibility in placement
  • Long USBC cable (1.5 m / 4.92 ft) for connecting to a computer

Charging Creative Pebble Pro 2

“Now with customizable RGB lighting! Creative Pebble Pro speakers let you choose from a variety of RGB LED lighting and three lighting effects with a simple plugandplay setup. Soundwise, it’s a step up from all its predecessors: with a redesigned driver design and a move from analog amps to a pair of builtin amps with digital input, you can expect rich and powerful sound right on your desktop. For moviegoers, our Clear Dialog and BassFlex technologies ensure spoken dialogue is easy to understand, even with impressive, immersive bass.”

Source: creative

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