Crédit Agricole supports Plastic Odyssey

Crédit Agricole continues to support Plastic Odyssey’s plastic pollution control project by supporting their LAB.

Plastic Odyssey LAB is an accelerated program for plastic recycling entrepreneurs, backed by Plastic Odyssey and backed by the Crédit Agricole group.

Plastic Odyssey, a leading player in tackling plastic pollution and protecting the oceans, is building a global network of social recycling companies to prevent plastic waste from ending up at sea.

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Along with the upcoming international expedition, the project team members launched the PO LAB program to support recycling entrepreneurs during their various stops along the way.

The first PO LAB meeting will take place this summer in France. 6 innovative plastics processing projects were selected:

Recycled plastic skateboard deck
– ecological bicycle from household waste;
– a project for the processing of materials for oyster farming;
– an ingot of recycled plastic so that you can get rid of its plastic trace;
– bunker for collection, sorting and processing of short-circuit waste;
– permeable recycled plastic cladding board.

These projects are incubated in the summer of 2021. The winning entrepreneurs will board the Plastic Odyssey ship to test their manufacturing processes using onboard recycling machines and receive technical support from Plastic Odyssey engineers.

The winners will be supported entrepreneurship from the Crédit Agricole Group through its Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation and several regional banks.

The training modules were developed by the Foundation specifically taking into account the needs of the winners and will be conducted by its staff: preliminary work on the business model of impact, funding and fundraising, financing of international impact projects.

In addition, regional bank staff will train entrepreneurs on a variety of topics: defining their market, knowing the local financial ecosystem, communication, or even supporting startups with Villages by CA’s expertise.

Three more PO LAB meetings are planned in the Mediterranean Basin countries. In Egypt and Morocco, they will be strengthened by mobilizing the networks of the Crédit Agricole group in these countries.

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