Crime in the metaverse? Interpol foresees the dark side

Equipment news Crime in the metaverse? Interpol foresees the dark side

Published on 26.10.2022 at 11:20

Although the metaverse project is still in development, many players are packing their suitcases into the metaverse. With an increase in the number of users, the metaverse will logically be subject to an increase in multiple offenses and “virtual crimes”. Following the logic of expectation, the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) has already placed its headquarters in its metaverse built for the world of tomorrow.

On the occasion of the 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi, the police organization announced the deployment of a metaverse headquarters. To do this, Interpol has created its own 3D virtual world to link law enforcement agencies around the world.

Already operational, it will increase the flexibility of communication to collect information to fight crime. In this way, as a virtual node, the various divisions of Interpol will be able to share key information about international fugitives.

A real tool, this metaverse will also allow police to be trained virtually across the geographic barrier. Depending on their specialty, officers will be able to take several training courses in scientific analysis and other police techniques.

If this metaverse tends to be an advantage in fighting crime in the physical world, it will also be useful for crime and other virtual crimes.

Indeed, given the mass adoption of users over several years, Interpol believes that this growth should logically attract malicious users – just like the development of the Internet.

“As the number of Metaverse users grows and technology advances, the list of possible crimes will only increase…,” the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) said in a statement.

In this sense, many believe that the metaverse will become a playground for several criminals. This dystopian vision already has a name: the dark universe. This darknet metaverse is bound to become a major problem if there is no framework. With a quarter of the world’s users, the metaverse will be a boon for hackers, according to technology research firm Gartner.

At this point, we can pretty much anticipate the metaverse’s list of virtual crimes by copying web2:

  • Data theft
  • sexual harassment
  • crimes against children
  • phishing

But over time, this list may well increase. It is possible that future laws deal with the integrity of the avatar in the metaverse, or even large-scale disinformation.

“The World Economic Forum … has warned that social engineering scams, violent extremism and disinformation can pose particular challenges,” Interpol said in a statement.

Other uses of web3, including cryptography, may also be part of this base. To combat extortion or money laundering, Interpol wants to create a unit that specializes in cryptographic crimes.

If the metaverse still seems like a concept, Interpol is demonstrating that it is already threatened by criminal excesses. The perpetrators of crimes in the metaverse have been arrested before, despite the small number of users.

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