Criminal Court of Avignon: “I am an influential person, I shoot what I see”

The President admits this: “it all started with a combination of circumstances.” January 16 at midnight, a police patrol patrols a section of Avenue de la Cabrière in Avignon, near a drug dealer. Their attention is drawn to a car in which there are several people using nitrous oxide. As they pass by, one of these young men makes more than inappropriate comments about one of the policewomen. The crew stops and asks the alleged perpetrator to get off. This one was filming, chuckling at his colleague’s tasteless joke, but obviously not the author of it. “What you shoot adds tension,” the president apostrophizes. “I am an influencer, I shoot what I see,” the 25-year-old replies.

Enraged by this police mistake, he later made outrageous remarks, going so far as to put his face a few millimeters closer to the officer’s, grabbed him by the vest and tried to punch him, according to the officer. The facts that the defendant refuted yesterday in the panel of the criminal court: “This is not true, I have not lost my mind. This is fiction.” However, what appears not to be made up are the comments he then made in the car in which he was detained by the police, with insults after threatening a police officer. All, after being severely detained by LHC agents, intervened as reinforcements. “He was harassed,” chairman Lemaire even referred to his lawyer.

“What have you done to cure your cannabis addiction and cure your impulsiveness?” Attorney Lacoste insisted during her requisitions. The defendant’s response, “I’m working on this every day,” won’t convince her very much when she asks for a year in prison with continued detention. His 17 entries in his locker and his status as a detainee in another case that arose after he was released will not help him.

Released from violence, convicted of contempt, threatening and possession of a bag of marijuana, the young Avignon man was finally sentenced to 6 months in prison with permanent detention and 800 euros in damages to be paid to a police officer who declared himself a civil plaintiff . .

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