Criminal Court of Mons: quick transition between Spain and the Borinage

The Criminal Court of Mons is on trial from Tuesday and within three days of thirty-nine people (including two detainees) accused in connection with cannabis trafficking between Spain and Belgium, in particular in the Mons Borinage region.

The prosecutor speaks of transporting several tons of cannabis, although the police barely seized only one hundred kilograms.

On Tuesday morning, President Laurent Schretter began hearings. Some deny their involvement in what is happening, others make partial confessions, trying not to recognize the criminal community, which is an aggravating circumstance under the law.

At the beginning of the day, Deputy Prosecutor Thibault Ruth requested a part of this file, collected in about thirty boxes. The judge hit hard, demanding harsh sentences.

Hookah bar

The case begins in April 2019. The police say that the hookah bar in Hornu will serve as a platform for a large turnover of cannabis. Young people from the Mons region regularly bring drugs from Spain in high-speed racing cars. Locations have been established, suspects are under surveillance and bugged.

apartment under supervision

In November 2019, an apartment located on the Rue de la Abbey in Saint-Ghilain was placed under police surveillance. It was rented by a man, but his brother signed the lease. The police are noticing the significant comings and goings of people known to the drug community, as well as the handing over of a large number of trash bags.

On January 29, 2020, a certain Montois was arrested in Bayonne. French customs officers found 120 kg of marijuana in his car. According to the prosecution, eight columns were organized from November 2019 until the start of the pandemic.

Other organization with Covid

Due to Covid, Spain has closed its borders. The traffickers had to change their mode of transport. Since July 2020, the drugs have been hidden in trucks that unload their goods in a warehouse on rue de la Hamade in Saint-Ghilain.

According to the prosecutor, the investigations carried out in Spain in the villas occupied by the suspects, wiretapping, direct wiretapping prove that a very well-organized movement took place. The prosecution believes that the money was then laundered in a hookah bar in Hornu, where 30,000 euros were invested, and in a foggy car dealership.

Investigators also discover that some of the defendants travel frequently to Spain. The defendants replied that they were going to the Sierra Nevada … to ski.

heavy sentences

An eight-year prison sentence was sought against the alleged leader of the association, already given a three-year suspended sentence in Antwerp for possession of 17 kilograms of cannabis. The defendant objects, arguing that he worked in a casino and did not need to deal drugs.

The man, who is considered the right hand of the first defendant, demanded a six-year prison term. It was he who would organize the transportation by trucks. The prosecutor regrets that this defendant was released by the accusatory board on the grounds that he was hired as a football coach in the regional team. “This is purely opportunistic,” said the deputy prosecutor.

Sentences of five, four, three years were also required for other defendants, who, in the opinion of the prosecutor, played a very definite role in the organization.


The defense will play this Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, many lawyers were ready to enter the arena to deal with the arguments of the prosecution. “There is nothing in this case, only assumptions,” one of them trusts. During the searches, not a gram of cannabis was seized, the prosecutor’s office confirmed. There were no overt crimes, except for people arrested in France and put on trial in Utre-Kivren.

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