Crossplay is finally coming to FIFA (PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia)

There is a lot of news regarding FIFA 22 right now. Not only will the EA Sports-signed game join the PS Plus program this May, but now the publisher is announcing the first large-scale tests aimed at activating the feature players have been eagerly waiting for. Indeed, this fantasy of (among others) Xbox players and PlayStation players competing is about to become a reality.

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FIFA 22 Crossplay Coming!!

Indeed, the tests currently being run by Electronic Arts aim to allow players to compete regardless of their favorite console. So PS5 players will be able to take on Xbox Series players as well as…Google Stadia players! The main innovation for this FIFA 22, which will soon be introduced through a simple game update, is “cross-play”, which the player can decide to activate or not in the game settings.

EA will initially reserve this crossplay feature for Seasons and Friendly Matches. Obviously, in addition to direct confrontation, FIFA 22 will allow, through its future crossplay option, to make friends on other platforms. Players will be easily identified by a small logo so they can immediately see if they are playing on Xbox, PlayStation or Google Stadia.

Please note that cross-play will only affect so-called “next-gen” consoles, which is very bad for PS4 and Xbox One owners. A crossplay feature that should soon integrate the current FIFA 22 and should be available from the launch of the next opus in the saga at the end of the year.

In passing, we recall that the future of the FIFA series could well do without the name … FIFA. Indeed, just a few weeks ago, Electronic Arts seemed to have confirmed the name change for its acclaimed annual football sim. The decision was probably taken after numerous disagreements (especially financial ones) with the well-known football federation.

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