Crossplay on PlayStation is partly thanks to Epic … but the studios have to pay royalties to Sony!

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Epic’s lawsuit against Apple opened yesterday and many revelations have been made regarding Sony’s financial policies towards publishers offering crossplay on their platform.

We continue to learn during this trial Epic vs. Apple. On this first day of the trial, Tim sweeney, CEO of Epic Games announced thatin order to obtain the crossplay within Fortnite for PS4 / PS5, Sony is claiming compensation from them.

Under certain conditions, epic will have to pay additional revenue to Sony»Announced Sweeney. We also learn that Sony is demanding compensation to many other publishers and is the only platform to make these claims. Reluctant to offer crossplay, the manufacturer of the PlayStation finally returned to its position around 2018, in part thanks to pressure from Epic …

More specifically, publishers must therefore now give royalties to Sony for “Offset income reductions” related to crossplay. However, if the revenue share generated by PSN on all revenue generated by a game on PlayStation is over 85%, then the publisher will not pay. If it is lower, the compensation will have to cover the reduction in income.

This lawsuit, which should only pit Epic against Apple, therefore brings many revelations on the underside of the video game industry. This document confidential published by the American justice system, is one of the many unveiled in the last 24 hours after, for example, Xbox’s internal test on The Last of Us 2 or the release date and exclusivity of STALKER 2.


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