Crusader Kings 3 to join Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles

A few days ago, a version of Crusader Kings 3 was evaluated in Taiwan for the PS5 and Xbox Series. It’s now official, the Xbox event at Gamescom 2021 confirms that Paradox Interactive’s strategy game will reach consoles.

As of this writing, no release date has been shared. All we are told is that Crusader Kings 3 will be released “soon” and nothing more on the subject.

It is specified that the Xbox Series version will use the internal SSD for loading times “Ultra fast” and will present an interface “Customized for Xbox wireless controllers”, as can be read on Xbox Wire. As this was a presentation under the Microsoft banner, you will need to be a little more patient to get more information specific to the PlayStation 5.

Finally, to conclude, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be delighted to learn that Crusader Kings 3 will join the service upon launch on Xbox Series consoles.

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