Crypto: a bright future for altcoins in 2023?

The crypto trader recently shared his take on altcoins with his over 400,000 Twitter followers. The celebrity specialist known as TechDev was optimistic. According to him, the recent negative expectations for the crypto industry do not reflect the reality in the space itself. Here’s what TechDev predicts for the Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoin markets next year.

An uptrend for altcoins is coming soon

TechDev said that there will be a bullish trend in the altcoin markets next year. He expects massive growth in these assets, although many are pessimistic about the future of the crypto sector. Specifically, the cryptanalyst stated: “Altcoins seem to be still in the mark-up phase until 2023. Expectations and stories aside.”

One commenter reacted to the post by asking, “Is there a reason why you are expecting such a short accumulation period? “Maybe a bullish divergence is forming,” one user replied.

Altcoins seem to be positioning up

It must be said that two other analysts recently predicted growth, but this time it concerned only Litecoin (LTC). One of them, called Smart Contracter, suggested that the price of LTC would rise as the date for the mining reward halving approaches.

Bitcoin (BTC) is not everything else

TechDev recently claimed that the flagship cryptocurrency could hit $120,000 in 2023. On Nov. 21, she released a bitcoin chart stating, “Structurally, this correction remains more familiar than different.” “Perhaps if the momentum peak in April 2021 was more explosive than the distribution […]69,000 would have been a lower high and it would have been easier for participants to accept the correction that started 18 months ago,” he added.

One commenter noted that the value of BTC in 2022, plus or minus $16,000, is equivalent (in purchasing power) to about $13,000 in 2017. BTC chart was inverted, bears will sell.”

Forecasts in the cryptocurrency market are going well. Many believe that, despite the damage caused by the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange, the industry will develop significantly in the coming months.

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