“Crypto assets in circulation cannot qualify as currencies,” the Bank of France said.

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In the program this Friday in the program “21 million, your crypto-coach”:

1 – Interview with Denis Baux, First Deputy Governor of the Bank of France.

Denis Beaux, right-hand man of the Governor of the Banque de France, at the forefront of blockchain and crypto assets, details the institution’s experiments in these areas and the lessons it draws from them. He also explains why the Monetary Authority is developing both a so-called “wholesale” central bank digital currency for financial intermediaries and a digital euro for individuals. And he believes that the crypto assets currently in circulation cannot be qualified as currencies.

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2 – What to remember in a week

We have selected and compared the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of crypto news by saving the essentials.

Price analysis

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what was in this Tuesday’s newsletter: “21 Million Price Analysis”:

1 – Interview with Alexander Barades

Alexandre Barades, Head of Market Analysis at broker IG France, sums up the current state of the cryptocurrency market by analyzing multiple asset classes such as stocks, rates or currencies. In this regard, he advises investors not to convert their savings into dollar stablecoins, believing that the upside potential of the latter against the euro is currently limited.

2 – technical analysis by Nicolas Gallant

Financial journalist and technical analyst at Capital Nicholas Gallant notes that bitcoin is on a knife edge and warns investors to be wary of falling key support.

3 – Laurent Albi Focus on BAL

Next Momentum manager and member of the French Association of Technical Analysts (Afate) Laurent Albi this week became interested in the BAL token, native to Balancer, the latest generation of automated trading platform.

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