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Sat 01 Oct 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪
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By simplifying access to cryptocurrencies, Binance is thinking about only one thing: global expansion. If CZ has succeeded in wooing the governments of France, Italy and Dubai, we have just learned that it will also be settling in New Zealand.

Binance registered as a financial services provider in New Zealand

“Kia Ora, New Zealand!

We are pleased to announce that #Binance has successfully registered as a financial services provider with the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and officially launched Binance New Zealand. »

A smiling Changpeng Zhao announced this in a video posted on Binance’s Twitter account. Recognizing the potential of the New Zealand market and the country’s achievements in fintech innovation, the CEO said:

“Our team of Binancians in New Zealand are hard at work to bring crypto freedom to Kiwi land. »

To clarify, Binance received registration with the New Zealand Ministry of Commerce, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on September 10th. Thus, the largest crypto exchange in the world will be able to create a subsidiary there.

It should also be noted that this registration will allow him to carry out activities such as spot trading, staking, NFT, etc. Also, the local population will be able to easily access a website specially designed for them.

After New Zealand Japan

While others have always despised New Zealand because of the size of its market, CZ decided to open an office there. The country promotes the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Proof: there are several facilities for the extraction of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

“I think it’s easy to overlook for some because it’s a small market, but we see significant value in having a serious presence in New Zealand,” he said.

Prior to the emergence of the land of long white clouds, Binance was already more or less allowed to operate in countries such as France, Italy, Spain… Recently, the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) granted it a minimum viable product (MVP) license. Japan will be the next stop.

It should also be noted that Binance just had a recruiting wave. Among his new hires is Kraken’s Senior Vice President of Compliance. An ideal profile for dealing with cryptographic and regulatory compliance issues for Binance.

Binance, which has just been denounced by the Dutch central bank for providing cryptocurrency-related services in its jurisdiction, has learned its lesson. From now on, CZ will take care of obtaining a license, registration or any other permits in 4 corners of the planet.

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