Crypto Blockchain Industries opens sales of the MetaCoaster universe

Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) is opening sales related to the MetaCoaster universe, a blockchain amusement park simulation game developed by CBI in its AlphaVerse metaverse.

Revealed on April 24, this new game builds on the original model, combining single player modes and a multiplayer world, allowing each player to purchase, develop, and manage a park on the Play-to-Earn blockchain. models using NFT.

The sale will be open on Opensea, Venly starting this Thursday, May 5th, and soon on Binance. NFTs can be purchased using the major cryptocurrencies offered by these platforms. They relate to the lands (“lands”) in the game, of which there are 132,205. These lands are divided into thematic areas (Paris, New York, Land of Music, Magic Valley, etc.). Lands are initially offered in 4 of these districts. These sales will take place in the form of auctions, and the next ones will be at fixed prices.

Remember that MetaCoaster is the first play-to-earn game developed by the CBI under AlphaVerse. MetaCoaster is an amusement park management game that can be played in both multiplayer and single player modes.

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