Crypto boom: ChatGPT boosts AI-related tokens by 300%. Posted by

Laura Sanchez – Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and the launch of ChatGPT has revolutionized several technology sectors, including the crypto industry.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, users of all ages have relied on the AI ​​chatbot for a variety of reasons, including solving complex problems and even debugging computers.

In the case of AI-related cryptocurrency projects, investors are now looking to capitalize on the growing trend by betting on the most promising AI-related platforms.

The biggest winners include (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX), whose token prices have surged over 300% since ChatGPT launched in late November.

In fact, both are up 190% and 266% respectively this month.

Other notable increases include a 179% increase for Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), a 166% increase for Cortex (CTXC), and a 136% increase for ALIS, Kitco reports.

And it wasn’t just the launch of ChatGPT that caused these tokens to rally, as the broader crypto market has been rising since the end of the first week of January, hitting its all-time high in five months this week. .

“After the collapse of the cryptocurrency industry in the past few months, many are looking for a safer way to trade and invest in this industry, and this is what AI brings to games: faster fraud detection, risk protection, and enhanced trading opportunities,” they note. at

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