Crypto Price Prediction: Likely to Doubling CRO by November | Cryptocurrency

  • The price of has been in a long decline since August.
  • The bulls are trying to find the 8-day exponential moving average as support.
  • A rally to $0.20 could happen even if the lows are swept away.

The price of may mislead many investors in the coming weeks. As the price of CRO fluctuates around $0.10, many of the cuts could become invalid. price could rise to $0.20 is currently being auctioned for $0.1065. The bulls are testing the resistance of the 8-day exponential moving average. The Relative Strength Index shows that traders are testing the previous resistance zone in an attempt to stay above the final buyer level. The volume profile index is the most discouraging indication that an uptrend may be in place as the trades have all but disappeared as the price has fallen.

Given these factors, an increase in CRO prices should not be ruled out. A classic retest of previously broken support at $0.20 would mean a 100% increase in profits. Investors should be aware that an unsustainable downtrend can occur on the back of an Elliott wave B. Waves B usually cross over the starting point of a previous impulsive rally (wave-A) before ending and rising higher for wave C.

CRO USDT 2-day chart

Thus, it is not easy to establish a clear point of invalidity. The May 9 low at $0.0984 could be exploited by intraday traders trying to grab the knife. Ultimately, for investors wishing to participate in a very early, risky, but highly probable scenario, the average dollar cost method should be used.

In the following video, our analysts delve deeper into CRO price action by analyzing key levels of market interest. -Team Netcost-Safety

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