Crypto exchange Binance managed to recover more than 80% of the funds stolen during the hacking of the Curve Finance (CRV) site –

An attack targeting its DNS hacked the Curve Finance (CRV) DeFi protocol website, resulting in the theft of approximately $570,000 in Ethereum (ETH).

A malicious pop-up presented on the Curve Finance website prompted visitors to connect their crypto wallet in order to clear the funds contained in the victims’ crypto wallets.

In the wake of the stolen crypto funds, most of which ended up on the Binance crypto exchange, more than 80% of the $570,000 may have been frozen by the trading platform, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, confirmed.

“Binance has frozen/recovered $450,000 of funds stolen from Curve, which is more than 83% of the hack.

We are working with LE to get funds back to users. The hacker kept sending funds to Binance in various ways, thinking that we would not be able to catch him. 😂

The CEO of Binance recalls the bumbling hacker who thought he could siphon and launder stolen crypto funds on the trading platform, sending them in multiple ways to cover his tracks.

Good news for the victims of this cryptocurrency theft who will partially recover their funds stolen by this cybercriminal.

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A little less than 20% of the stolen funds are still in the hands of this scammer, who will probably try to launder them in another way.

Phishing attacks and theft of cryptocurrencies are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent, you should be careful and avoid clicking on suspicious links received by email, on social networks, and on official websites that are not accessible. Finance Curve (CRV).

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