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According to cryptographic data aggregator Token Terminal, there are some striking differences between the revenue generated by some of the larger DeFi projects and the Axie Infinity crypto game.

Whichever time frame you choose, be it a week, a month or a year, Axie Infinity is the most cost-effective protocol on the market. Sometimes this margin is huge.

Over the past month, the leading cryptocurrency game has raised $ 84.9 million in its treasury. The second, Binance’s DEX PancakeSwap Smart Chain, raised $ 11.9 million. Even the crypto wallet MetaMask, which has over 5 million users, ranks third with a paltry $ 7.4 million.

Source: Token Terminal

These revenues are generated from the costs of interacting with each protocol. PancakeSwap, for example, charges users 0.2% for every trade made on a decentralized exchange. MetaMask charges a much higher 0.825% commission on transactions made using the recently launched exchange feature.

However, Axie Infinity has several revenue streams that have helped keep it high.

The first is a market commission of 4.25%. Every time you buy or sell one of the Pokémon-like Axi creatures, the seller pays this commission. The same fee applies when you buy land, special items or “lotsA combination of three.

The second source of income is a tax of 4 AXS, the game’s own token, for “lift upAxies to create more creatures. At press time, AXS is trading at around $ 16.19.

Also, in order to play the game, users must have three axes. And with the influx of new users every day, the pressure from buyers and manufacturers is growing, leading to a kind of spinning wheel of opportunities to increase costs.

Source: ConsenSys

Why is Axie Infinity growing?

Axie Infinity capitalizes on the growing trend “play to earn“Which basically consists of making money from playing games, Axi economics is built into the game.

For example, each Axie is worth real money. The same goes for the AXS token and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token, which you’ll also need to breed more Axies. Basically, all in-game items can be resold for cash, and all you have to do to collect these items is to play the game.

The money earned is sometimes enough to pay the bills, and many players in the Philippines can actually make a living playing this game. And as the growing cash flow of the Protocol shows, these are the same players who have kept Axie Infinity afloat for a long time. bearish collapse of cryptocurrencies this summer.

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