Crypto: Guillaume Cote is back to dance on the boards of Quebec

Text by Gabriel Morissette

Soloist and choreographer of the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto Guillaume Côte is in Quebec on November 3, 4 and 5 as part of his crypto tour. This return to the womb benefits the founder of Côté Danse.

It really touches my heart to come back here, it’s close to my Lac Saint Jean region. »

Quote from Guillaume Cote, dancer and choreographer

I’ve been performing all over the world for a very long time, it’s so nice to be back in my region and it’s nice to meet people and also see the passion of the Quebecers for dance.he adds.

High-level multidisciplinary creation

Crypto show combines classical and modern dance, theater and digital art.

It tells the story of a couple in bad shape trying to get out of it by capturing and taming the mythical creature Krypto, supposedly endowed with exceptional healing powers. The central themes are the control of one’s environment and the artificial transformation of beauty.

Kasia Vengochea and Guillaume Cote in the show “Crypto”.

Photo: Sasha Onishchenko

Now we live in a world where we try to control nature. We don’t like wildlife […] When there is something we don’t understand, we try to twist it to make it easier to understand.[…] The story resonates with peopleGuillaume Cote emphasizes.

Renowned dancers Greta Hodgkinson, Natasha Pun Wu and Kasia Vengochea accompany Guillaume Cote in Crypto’s interpretation. Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson wrote the music especially for the show. The addition of narration, video, and sophisticated visuals makes the story more accessible, albeit unconventional.

The man is dancing on the stage.

The work “Crypto” is accompanied by visual effects.

Photo: Sasha Onishchenko

I think Crypto can offer a slightly more contemporary take on dance. […] For people who think they’re going to see ballet, it’s not ballet, and there are many elements that are accessible and fun for everyone.He says.

The cryptocurrency is listed on Diamond until Saturday.

According to Valerie Cloutier

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