Crypto: recruiting for the police and gendarmerie is underway!

The Ministry of the Interior intends to study blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in detail.

Dozens of job offers

The public website “Employment Exchange” presents job offers from the Ministry of the Interior. More than 10 vacancies require knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The proposal on the site was noticed by the specialized magazine Cryptoast.

In 2021, the Ministry of the Interior launched ComCyberGend (Cyberspace Gendarmerie Command), a specialized branch to search for an “engineer to study cryptoactivity”. This organization is responsible for combating all forms of cyber threats, including those related to cryptocurrencies.

In addition, ComCyberGend requires skills in monitoring technologies such as blockchain or cryptocurrencies. This branch was established to improve public safety and law enforcement, in particular the judicial police, “in the interests of the judicial police, public safety and traffic safety”.

This position has the additional mission of informing the people about the development of analyzes or summary notes aimed at understanding the progress of the gendarme in specific areas. It also aims to identify important opportunities and improve the development of knowledge and skills in the gendarmerie. The position will be filled in the organization’s technical arm, more specifically, in a “Cryptocurrency Innovation Hub” that involves civilians and military personnel.

An announcement was recently posted on the website of the National Gendarmerie that during the 9 months of its existence, ComCyberGend has processed 2,500 procedures from 6,700 digital investigators. In addition, the announcement stated that more than 140 soldiers were trained to conduct anonymous investigations and combat the illegal use of crypto assets.

“The vast majority of these cases are online scams,” said Maj. Gen. Mark Boget, commander of ComCyberGend. The remaining files are associated with ransomware and . Finally, child pornography. The division would notably allow two people to be arrested in Ukraine at the end of 2021 to confiscate $1.3 million in crypto and $375,000 in cash.

Anti-Money Laundering: A Priority

An additional job offer is the role of “cryptocurrency investigator” in the central office for combating crime related to information and communication technologies. This post is attached to OCLCTIC and is headed by a Divisional Commander with 5 Engineers and 25 Policemen.

The mission statement includes tutorial missions to understand basic cryptocurrency analysis. Other priority missions include using tools for cryptocurrency investigations or gathering clues useful for investigations.

Two job offers posted on the website of the Ministry of the Interior are open to contract workers and employees. Moreover, two job offers use the terms “crypto assets” and “cryptocurrencies” to refer to the same field of activity.

In the fight against money laundering through crypto companies, these companies often turn to the police. It is thanks to the transparency of blockchain systems that investigators can easily access information about attackers in the crypto ecosystem.

By becoming a PSAN (digital asset service provider) player, Binance, like all other players, meets the new requirements. For example, the platform can handle requests from the police, “when the police identify suspicions, they can pass them on to us”, for example, emphasized Stephanie Cabossioras, legal director of the giant Binance in France, during the latest Surfin’Bitcoin.

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