Crypto: Shiba Inu (SHIB) going to overthrow Polygon (MATIC)?

Shiba Inu outperformed Polygon on July 20th when looking at the market cap of the two altcoins by the end of the day. As usual, SHIB is ranked 13th in the CoinGecko rankings, in just a few hours it has risen to 12th place. And then there was a comeback by MATIC.

SHIB offered a seat to MATIC

“The Shiba Inu goes to the moon,” the Shiba Inu community or the Shiba army recently chanted. And we’re not far from seeing SHIB hit the moon, how are things going.

Because lately, last Wednesday to be exact, it has taken the place of MATIC, ranking 12th on CoinGecko’s list of around 13,400 cryptocurrencies. Please note that this rating is based on the market capitalization of these coins.

So SHIB briefly took the place of MATIC knowing that it was the 13th highest market value cryptocurrency.

At times, its market capitalization has been estimated at $7.6 billion. While Polygon had $7.3 billion. No doubt the Shiba Inu stole his throne, given the 29 percent gain he saw last week.

So, victory for the Shiba army!

But it has not yet been possible to reach the cherished moon. Indeed, Polygon did not want to give SHIB holders time to enjoy this trophy for a long time. Literally an hour later, everyone was in their places. It says the SHIB won the battle, not the victory.

Memcoin not on the first try

It should be noted that this is not the first time the Shiba Inu is trying to claim a place as the 12th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. We know that at the end of June it achieved similar success when its market capitalization reached $6,486,570,151.

On that day, the market value of DAI was $6,338,011,031. Enough to make him gather illico presto.

To say that Memcoin has not been at its best before, especially before the Terra UST crash and the bear run. Now that the perception of crypto investors has changed, even the whales are active, so things are going well for SHIB. Isn’t that the reason for their recent purchases?

In addition, the Shiba Inu developers are not sitting idly by. Shitoshi Kusama has been showing off a lot of ecosystem projects lately. Sometimes he talked about Shib: The Metaverse, Shibarium, TREAT, SHI stablecoin… to SHIB lovers.

Add to this the acceptance by fashion giants like Gucci, travel agencies or small real estate companies of SHIB as a means of payment. As well as burns, the purpose of which is the desire to increase the price of memcoin.

In short, SHIB holders are on their way to a pink life. True, it is not yet possible to reach 1 cent, but it is not a utopia to monopolize the 10th position, which is now occupied by DOGE. So if the ShibArmy dreams of a one-way trip to the moon, they have something to justify their ambitions.

Sources: Watcher News; FX Cryptocurrency News

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