Crypto: StackinSat’s Bitcoin Savings Plan Is Full of New Features

There is movement on StackinSat. The platform behind the leading Bitcoin savings plan just announced a strategic partnership with industry leader Ledger as well as new features.

Hard times for bitcoin. The cryptocurrency queen is currently trading below €20,000 (nearly identical dollar value), far from its historical peak of $69,000 (over €58,000 at the time) in November 2021. And nothing indicates that its price can rise in the short term.

However, the crypto ecosystem maintains its momentum. And while some players are shaken by falling prices, like investment fund Three Arrows Capital or lending platform Celsius, others are thriving.

In particular, this applies to StackinSat. The French platform was launched on October 1, 2020 and now has over 12,000 users. It offers a bitcoin savings plan with which investors can automate the purchase of bitcoins.

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Compatible with Ledger Live

On the occasion of Surfin’ Bitcoin, the largest Bitcoin conference in Europe, StackinSat announced a partnership with another giant of the sector: the unicorn Ledger, which offers a digital asset storage solution using a physical wallet.

Specifically, the 1.5 million users of Ledger Live, an application designed to facilitate interaction between a physical wallet and the bitcoin blockchain, will now be able to access StackinSat services directly from the tool.

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Our European clients have been asking for the automatic recurring bitcoin buying feature, explains Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, for whom recurring investments or dollar value averaging is the simplest and most effective method of long-term use of bitcoins.

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Buy bitcoins instantly

Investors will now have a choice: secure their bitcoins in their Ledger wallet or use StackinSat storage. In June 2022, the platform did launch its digital safe with reservation confirmation. First time in Europe. This proof of reserve currently guarantees StackinSat users and regulators that all funds on deposit are stored in its vaults.

Other features should also see the light of day in the coming months. Among them is the ability to instantly buy bitcoins with a real-time display of the bitcoin price.

After launching in Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, StackinSat also says it wants to accelerate its international development, in particular in the SEPA area. For this, the fintech, which has already completed the first round of funding of 1 million euros in July 2021, is planning a new fundraising.

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