Crypto: the trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the world

Cryptocurrencies are very popular right now. Many investors around the world are embarking on their purchase and transaction. In recent weeks, new trends in relative regulations have been set in motion. Here is news of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the main countries of the world.

In France

The cryptocurrency trend in France is marked by the status of digital asset service provider for PSAN. This was implemented by the PACTE Law of 2019. It is a regulation that offers the AMF the opportunity to comply with the various government rules.

Since September 28, 2021, the Caisse de Dépôts et Consignations continues to be able to hold digital assets on behalf of the State. Cryptocurrencies can also be registered on behalf of local authorities.

In the U.S

Coinbase is what hit the crypto news in the United States. This exchange platform has promised its users to offer a high level of annual return of 4% when it comes to stablecoin deposits in USDC. However, shortly after this decision was made, Coinbase acknowledged it. This phenomenon is explained by the warning of the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC.

Celcius Network attracted attention in late September. I mean, it’s Kentucky’s securities regulator. The brand has just launched its unregistered financial values. However, it was censored.

Cryptos in Indonesia

The cyptos news for Indonesia continues to be particularly good, which continues to encourage investors. In fact, the Indonesian Minister of Commerce claims that the use of cryptocurrencies is fully legal, unlike China, which bans cryptocurrencies. However, the Indonesian government is choosing appropriate strategies to prevent crimes committed with digital assets.

For the case of Dubai

In Dubai, on September 2, an agreement was concluded between the DWTCA or the Dubai World Trade Center Authority with the Securities and Commodities Authority. The purpose of the firm is to promote the offering, issuance and trading of digital assets and all derivative products.

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