Crypto thieves are increasingly using mixers (anonymizers) – Next INpact

The amount of flows of anonymous crypto assets in cryptocurrency mixers doubled in a year, as did the share of illegal funds. These are mostly robberies carried out by North Korean-linked hackers or Russian-speaking extortionist gangs.

Funds sent to cryptocurrency mixers (anonymizers) by cybercriminal groups linked to Russia and North Korea “increased significantly in 2021 and 2022,” notes Chainalysis, one of the experts in blockchain and crypto asset data flow analytics.

North Koreans alone would send the equivalent of more than $600 million in the second quarter of 2022. their numerous thefts of crypto-assets, in particular, account for only 30% of the amounts sent by organizations under US sanctions.

Hydra, the largest of the “darknet” platforms, which is called the drug “Pokemon Go” because of the special way it delivers its packages, and whose servers Russia seized in April last year, accounts for 50% of the total.


Hundreds of millions of dollars linked to Russian ransomware


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