Crypto Top and Flop: Is the Crypto Market Lost in the Decline?

As bitcoin continues its grim trend, the cryptocurrency market is barely smiling today. The total market capitalization again decreased during the day (-0.53%) and stands at 1,022,885,766,043.

This month of March has regularly been presented as potentially bearish, and the trend is confirming it for now. So soon a lot of bad news had already hit the crypto industry, and Binance became its main target. At the moment, the price of the first 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization is in line with these forecasts. Therefore, not this Monday, returning to work will be done with a smile.

GMX, MANA and OP: the only fish that “swim” today!

Is GMX finally ready to bounce back?

In first place in our ranking, we find the GMX cryptocurrency, which decided to catch up. Indeed, over the past week, the altcoin has fallen several times and seems to have finally started to rise. This is more than a price explosion, GMX seems to be just retrieving last week’s losses. As a result, the token rose by 4.76%. Moreover, its exchange price is now $70.99. Undoubtedly, the price of the token has also greatly benefited from the increase in TVL GMX in the derivatives market.

GMX/USD — CoinMarketCap

To see the cryptocurrency grow by +10%, let’s try our luck tomorrow. In the end, hope is the last thing lost, even in cryptocurrencies.

MANA: talking about the metaverse again

While many analyzes related to the MANA token have chosen to suffer rather than rejoice, could the opposite be happening? The native cryptocurrency from Decentraland turned on this rating on Monday to get noticed. At the time of writing, GMX Dolphin is trading at $0.61, up 4.40% from the last 24 hours.

mana rateMANA/US Dollar – CoinMarketCap

Together with another cryptocurrency, MANA, however, was able to react quickly and sign a more favorable close. This performance allows the native Decentraland token to take second place in this ranking. And also to get honorable mentions while the entire crypto market activated stealth mode.

OP: A bit of optimism in the Optimism course.

Launched since the beginning of the year, the Optimism project faced a drop in the price of the OP token last week. Indeed, the cryptocurrency has fallen by 17% in the last 7 days. And this despite the current growth of 4% over the past 24 hours. A trusted token since the beginning of the year, OP is ready to redeem his poor performance last week.

While the correction may end soon, Optimism may soon take over the Arbitrum. Indeed, even if the latter has a comfortable market share lead, the project survived a scandal over its blockchain last week. This week, Optimism can focus on chewing on his backlog.

OP courseOP/USD – CoinMarketCap

The price of the OP token is currently $2.55. While Bitcoin is fast asleep, altcoin adequately closes this 100% altcoin podium.

AGIX continues to cling to its first place… like the main flop!

AGIX: Bis repetita for our AI cryptocurrency for January

This Monday, March 6, the SingularityNet cryptocurrency, through its AGIX token, maintains its first position. Good? Not necessarily when it comes to ranking the losers of the day. However, AGIX still clings to its first place and swims in the aquarium of losers. Thus, January now seems far away for AGIX, which had a series of days in the red.

Today, the cryptocurrency is down 6.60% at the time of writing. The current exchange price is $0.44.

AGIX/USD – CoinMarketCap

If SingularityNet struggles now when the market retreats, its price will be closely monitored when bitcoin recovers. Until then, goodbye… and see you again tomorrow in this AGIX rankings?

DASH: cryptocurrency confirms its weekly trend

The DASH token has been suffering in recent days. Being present for the first time in this daily top, DASH can subscribe very quickly to return tomorrow. Indeed, the asset fell by 6.25% on the day, but especially by 14.91% in the last 7 days. As such, March started very badly for DASH, which seems to be dying when the cryptocurrency market stalls.

DASH/USD – CoinMarketCap

The crypto asset, issued in 2014, is currently trading at $62.90.

QUANTITY: a drop that confirms the annual trend!

Since the beginning of the year, the native blockchain token QUANT seems fragile. Indeed, bad performance also follows one after another for this cryptocurrency. After the February period when the cryptocurrency market was suppressed, the price of bitcoin seems to have an impact on this digital asset (as it does on most altcoins). So QNT has shown poor performance in the last 30 days and also in the last 24 hours. Since bad habits are hard to break, this cryptocurrency can also be found in the tops and flops of tomorrow.

QNT/USD – CoinMarketCap

The cryptocurrency is trading at $124.37, with the price down 4.65% on the day.

Note that even if the cryptocurrency market bogs down in a gradual downturn, the top 100 cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization will register several disasters. However, there is no good news for investors either. Hungry, let’s hope the big fish come soon to revive the crypto market.

Moral of the story: there is not much to see in the crypto market today, but tomorrow will be another day!

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