Crypto – Ukrainian pharmacy chain switches to payments in cryptocurrency!

The information was broadcast today in the international press. Ukrainian pharmacies are switching to cryptocurrencies. At least those that belong to the largest network of pharmacies in Ukraine called ANK.

It should be noted that more and more domestic private companies are introducing cryptocurrency payments on the territory of Ukraine. The latest with supermarket chain Varus, which entered into a partnership with Binance in September 2022.

This decision is due to the fact that the war with Russia is still raging there.


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Binance Pay enters pharmacies

This new payment method is made possible by Binance Pay and transactions are processed through it. Many choose this payment system developed by the world’s leading platform. The choice was also followed by retailer Varus.

Thus, ANC network customers from Monday have the opportunity to buy medicines using their own cryptocurrencies. However, they will first need to install the Binance app and then go to the ANC website to place (and pay) an order there.

“From January 3, you will be able to use instant payments when buying pharmaceutical products. On it will be possible to pay for orders in cryptocurrencies! »

Statement of the Ukrainian pharmacy chain ANK.


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