Cryptocurrencies: 7 Golden Rules for Limiting Risk Investing

How to limit risks with cryptocurrencies. (© cc Antana)

Avoid leverage effects, build a balanced portfolio (at least 50% bitcoin) protected by two encryption keys… Le Revenu explains how to optimize your investments in digital currencies as a form of long-term diversification.

one . Diversify your portfolio

As with stocks, hedge your back by building a balanced portfolio of at least 50% “safe” stocks like bitcoin and ethereum.

A quarter of stablecoins are included – low volatility.

2. Bet (a little) on new cryptocurrencies

New digital currencies appear every week.

While most of them are destined for rapid extinction, some of them will become the bitcoins of tomorrow.

Feel free to buy these cryptocurrencies for a few tens of euros.

3 . Focus on the medium term

You know the principle that you only invest the money you don’t need.

This also applies to cryptocurrencies. Since they may face sudden price swings, it is best not to sell at the slightest warning and be able to wait for a bounce.

four . Avoid Leverage

The high volatility of cryptocurrencies makes it necessary to minimize risks.

If some trading platforms offer to invest short or even borrow to take advantage of the leverage effect, the consequences can be disastrous in the event of an abrupt rejection.

5 . Invest in related values

There is a good way

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