Cryptocurrencies: Binance is the victim of a deepfake hack

Thanks to the deepfake, the hacker used the image of the director of public relations of Binance to scam the heads of cryptocurrencies.

It is in a blog post that Patrick Hillman, Head of Communications at Binance, warns against the increasingly widespread practice. He and his cryptocurrency exchange company have indeed fallen victim to a deepfake hack. The latter apparently used his identity several times during Zoom calls with crypto teams and leaders about a potential mention of their product on the site.

Fraud with unclear consequences

It was after he received several messages thanking him for participating in these meetings that the man got a flea in his ear. The hacking team allegedly used Hillman’s interviews and TV appearances to create a deepfake convincing enough to fool his world. However, it is not specified whether this scam led to anything specific and whether there was an exchange of amounts.

It also indicates that more and more hackers are now impersonating Binance employees on sites such as Twitter, Telegram or LinkedIn. Despite the strong cybersecurity team and the measures taken, he reminds us that the first line of defense is the users themselves. The latter should always be more careful on the Internet and use the tools available to them to verify or report the identity of their interlocutors.

Deepfake is the new scourge of cybersecurity

This is certainly not the first time a deepfake has rocked the internet. Recently, fake Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was broadcast on video, announcing his surrender to the Russian army.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, this lucrative sector has been the target of all sorts of hacks and scams in recent weeks. Moreover, as hackers have more and more means to achieve their goals, even large companies are no longer protected from sophisticated and difficult to detect attacks.

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