Cryptocurrencies Coming Soon to US Traditional Wallets

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at an incredible pace. And even if the subjects of financial institutions and local regulators are worried about this because of the volatility of these assets, they are obliged to recognize their impact. This is how bodies like the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) conclude that digital assets can be part of major U.S. portfolios.

CFTC Chairman Suggests Cryptocurrencies Could Be Part of Traditional U.S. Wallets

According to a July 25 tweet from the Bitcoin Archive account, the CFTC chairman believes that cryptocurrencies are on track to become the main wallet asset in the United States. Indeed, Rostyn Benham made the remarks during her keynote about the future of cryptocurrency regulation. This was during a Brookings Institution webcast on July 25th.

The CFTC chairman believes that American interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow. If this continues, digital assets such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) could soon become an integral part of the country’s main financial wallets, he said. He then said, “We are here today because digital assets tend to be part of traditional US portfolios. “.

Rostin Benham noted that various polls and surveys show that one in five adults has invested in the cryptocurrency industry or has ever used a digital asset. Moreover, the number of users of digital assets is growing rapidly.

For the chairman of the CFTC, cryptocurrencies symbolize “the free and virtually unlimited flow of (financial) information.” Rostin Benham expects that these assets will soon become part of the main US portfolios.

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